• 24x7 Technical Support Available
  • Client to Manufacturer liaison for Advanced Troubleshooting
  • PCS Managed Support Service Agreements - to facilitate successful ongoing operation of Telrad, Ceragon or Radwin network equipment
  • Maintenance, Repair, and RMA assistance*
  • Personal Service - whether on site or through remote access
  • Support for migrating into the latest technology
  • We also help reconfigure and transition existing networks to obtain better throughputs and greater customer densities

Contact Support

To request support during normal business hours, please call:

Toll-free:  (800) 659-2170
Locally: (651) 222-5881
Fax: (651) 228-2645
Business Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm (CT) Monday through Friday

If you are experiencing an urgent problem, such as an outage, after business hours, call: (651) 222-9848

Having issues?

If you are experiencing problems, an outage or would like to receive technical support, please fill out the support form to the right. Once this form is submitted it generates a level 1 support ticket that corresponds to you and your specific issue, it is then assigned to a technician who will contact you directly. The technician will contact you during our business hours unless your description of the issue defines an emergency. They can then escalate the ticket to level 2, level 3 or to the manufacturer based on complete review of the exact issues at  hand.

*Please see ‘Documents’ under the ‘Customer Login’ tab for any of the documents/forms that are mentioned on this page including our RMA form. To speed up the process, all new RMA’s must be accompanied by our RMA form. You must be logged in to view these documents.

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