PCS Technologies, Inc. is the nation’s leading full service wireless broadband solutions provider.

PCS Technologies, Inc. is a Wireless Broadband Integrator for Telrad Networks (WIMAX and LTE), Radwin, and Ceragon (Point to Point Microwave) solutions. We provide full service RF System Design, installation, warranty service and support to the telecommunications marketplace. With 20 years of experience in Wireless Access and Broadband solutions, we focus on meeting our customer’s needs and service outcomes.

We have the largest base of Telrad 2.5GHz and 3.65GHz sites in North America, and the third largest base of service providers using 3.65GHz sites in the world today. We have also built, and currently support nearly 100 Ceragon sites which provide high capacity backhaul links for operators across the USA.

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Your success means our success. We are committed to meeting your every need - leaving you with an efficient, robust, money-making network.

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Our expertise allows for the rapid deployment and integration of solutions leading to a faster return on investment.

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Providing secure and flexible communications infrastructure that speeds up time to market and greatly improves performance and efficiency.

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Rapid Deployment

Our rapid deployment solutions reduce the risk and cost of implementation by providing built-in support for best practices.

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“Thanks for making the process easy—from planning to implementation to ongoing operation. We appreciate it!”
“One thing that sets PCS Technologies apart is their ongoing commitment to supporting OUR objectives! They focus on the outcomes, and that gives us real comfort.”
“We have found that PCS consistently delivers carrier-grade performance and reliability in all their products and services. In our business, that's crucial.”

Latest News

PCS and Telrad Expand Joint Partnership

Achieving Largest Installed Base of Telrad Sites in North America Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions, today announced that one of the nation’s leading full-service wireless broadband solution providers, PCS Technologies, has achieved a significant milestone in its growth – attaining the largest installed base of Telrad sites in North America. Over the past 90 days, PCS has signed 20 new agreements to provide Telrad’s 4G/LTE solutions to new and existing customers, independent telecom operators and Internet Service Providers. The product suite enables dramatic improvements in network performance and connectivity, as